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this is my new favorite gallery. no really, THIS is my new favorite gallery in los angeles...

chatted up erin, part owner during last night's NELA artwalk. the space was all a buzz after only opening days ago. i was particularly struck by the slick presentation of this maiden group show, with all the works finished with clean white frames and neatly organized, salon style. it's clear these owners come from commercial backgrounds, but the grittiness of their surroundings (highland park) makes for a nice contrast to this energetic bunch.

one thing's for sure, i'm looking forward to seeing 'this' gallery become 'all that.'
baby pony

artworkslive cam

although my website is now defunct (another geocities fatality) my art studio cam now has a temporary home. i'll be working like a banshee for the next few months, preparing for an upcoming exhibition with ARENA 1 gallery...thanks to chuck for hosting my cam until i get my website back up!
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pipilotti rist

pipilotti rist, "Ever is all over"

easily one of my favorite video installations....i had the pleasure of experiencing this with my best friend at the st. louis art museum years ago. the luscious imagery, slow motion effects, and devilish antics of the main character not only pulled me in, but transported me into a faraway dreamlike trance. it's one of those rare pieces where i truly got "lost in the art."
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one month later

today i took a walk up where i explored during the fires last month. below is the same vantage point, taken about a mile from our home. it looks similar to all the hillsides in our neighborhood and surrounding communities. i'm hoping a lot of the vegetation isn't completely dead and will reemerge sooner than anticipated.



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