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over easy art

baby smith
'heap no. 69' (fat of the land series)
mixed media and found objects on altered book cover

it's been hotter 'n a monkey's butt around here, which makes it difficult to move...and even harder to concentrate on making art things. one of my latest projects involves spray painting found cardboard books out in the sun, and the paint literally sizzles in the heat. at least it's a dry heat.

i'm gearing up to send artwork for a group show in portland at 12x16 gallery...i feel bad i won't be able to make the opening in july, but they're kinda-sorta dangling a solo show in front of me, soooooooo.....a trip to p-town just might happen sooner or later.

and i'm hoping the poker goddesses above will be looking down on me for the first round of tourney play in 2 weeks for the art world poker exhibition. i asked our trusty 8-ball (that chuck kiped from a movie set after the director threw it at someone!) if i would win the solo show prize....'don't count on it,' it said. shake shake shake. so, i asked if anything good would come out of the whole experience...'better not tell you now.'

i now know why the director threw it in the first place..


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 6th, 2006 12:34 am (UTC)

sorry to cut in but.. THE DOORS! :D
Jun. 6th, 2006 12:50 am (UTC)
ding ding ding!
you found my achilles heal.
there should be a prize for that, but....i haven't gotten around to it yet.

making a collage page on my site is one of my MANY 'to do's' it's become ever so daunting with every 'heap' i add to this series. hence, the title ' H E A P ' i'm living my art and my art is my life. oi. i really wanna get some kind of page together within the next month or so, even if it's pitifully small. thanks for the nudge..

and i'm so, eh hem....jealous-happy-jealous-happy....STOP THAT!!!! i wish i could BEEEEE there to meet you and take in the portland scene....meet all your new buddies at 12x16. they sound so....cool....so real.

LOVE the jim 'loving jim story', btw. i need more stories like that...my one and only rock star story is meeting adam ant back in 1984 with my best friend, kimmy. nooooo, he didn't sign our breasts, but we witnessed a few groupies that asked him to give them his, er....autograph.

oh, i just mailed my art today, too. so, expect it in a few days, miss caretaker of group show entries. YOU ROCK!

(Deleted comment)
Jun. 6th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
get up and faint again..

i, baby smith, am now officially a liz groupie!!!!
you can sign my breasts, but i'm gonna have full rights in reproduction prints, k?
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 6th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)
did i hear the word cheesecake.

damn, woman. i'm so jealous, yet again..

(Deleted comment)
Jun. 6th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)
note to you..
potatoes are beauti-licious..

aaaaaaand i can only be recuscitated with a helpin' of said cheesecake when i come visit you.

hiiiiiiiiiiint hint!!!!!!!!

good night.
gasp. gasp.
Jun. 6th, 2006 12:35 am (UTC)
Congrats on the shows.. and..
I love to see these new works!
It's TRULY inspiring and their delicious.
Jun. 6th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)
oooooh, you flatter me.

jim was WAY more inspiring and....er....delish!!!!
he was QUiTE the multi-tasker, eh?
Jun. 6th, 2006 04:17 am (UTC)
wow! what a great journal-chatta page this is!

great art, adam ant, jim morrison, portland galleries, cheesecake, portland- land that i love in general.... all on one page?!?!?!

Think I'll save this page forevah in my happy place brain corner.


and yeah, baby, get to work on the gallery-line-up of the Heaps page!



(and don't forget our almost meeting with Paul! we were *THIS* close!)

(OH! another happy band memory- angie yordi touched Xene's (sp?) boot from X when they performed at the Union of all places.)
Jun. 6th, 2006 05:13 am (UTC)
oh geeeeeez....how could i forget the near paul encounter. guess i was so in shock i blocked it out!!!! or sick out of my head...'member? we BOTH got the worst stomach flu after that damn concert. i was on our living room couch for a week and watched the gulf war unfold on cable TV. or maybe it was all just a dream, i'm still not sure.

i seem to recall mr. mccartney drinking a whiskey coke, (as he always does) after interrogating the bartender just minutes after paulie left. tell me, kimmy...did i lick the bar in hopes of sucking up some paulie dna? god, i hope so.

AHHHHHH! i NEVER heard the angie touching xene's boot story!!!!!!! i hope she was wearing the boot at the time HAHAHAHA...i prolly never told you we played a prank on one of my hilton co-workers in college. i found a very 80's boot whilst cleaning the lots......i signed it 'susanna hoffs' with a fat marker (lead singer of the bangles, who had just played the night before) and gave it to mike, a.k.a. suckuh co-worker. hook, line and sinker!

i love you so much kimmy!!!!!! meeting adam ant was only icing on the cake compared to knowing Y O U in this little life of mine!!!!!!!!!

(p.s. i got your message, finally...i hope it wasn't urgent. leave 'em on the cell, cuz the home phone just isn't mine, f'ya know what i mean???...)
Jun. 6th, 2006 05:55 am (UTC)

I forgot one other lush thing on this page- the magic 8 ball! i never make a move without first consulting mine. :-)

yah, at the "Paul Hotel" i practically had to pry your tongue off the bar with a crowbar! and yeah- we got the flu from squashed kal- my little nickname for kyle! i forgot about how damn sick we both were! remember- we ate pizza with the kalfam for dinner, and kyle had been sick, and the little sweatheart (kiddle at the time) insisted on handing us our slices with his (i'm pretty sure) unwashed, sweet little bare hands.

yep. we paid for that!

the phone message was no emergency... i was just in a "chat with baby smith" mood and had a spark. it'll spark again and we'll catch up soon enough, i'm sure.

yeah, what fun times we had...

i saw X and the Violent Femmes at the union. i can't even remember now where the venue inside the union was... but it must have been in the basement somewhere, right?? and yes, she was wearing her boots, singing at the edge of a very small, not too high, stage. Do you remember a certain young me who was once freaking "He's right tHeRe!!!!!!! he's right ThErE!!!!" well, picture the angie version of that person shrieking, "I TOUCHED HER BOOT!!!! I TOUCHED HER BOOT!!!!!!" and you'll get the idea.

ah... those were the days. crushed up right against the stage, listening to the music that moved us...

imagine what life would have been like if you and i had gone to the same U- i bettcha neither one of us would have graduated. I probably would STILL be behind bars for some crazy hijinx thingie!

LOVE you oodlies,
Jun. 6th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
echo and the bunnymen (and didn't the screaming trees open?) at hancher....that was fun, too. can't remember who made the trek from ISU with me. pete? pam? mike? mary? what a blur. you definitely have a better memory than me!!!!

and i'm convinced we were meant to go to college separately, otherwise we'd still be stalking somebody or maybe sharing a cell together. not that that wouldn't be fun, really. (o.k. no it wouldn't)

it's fun remembering those times, though. you're the best friend, E V E R. ohm'gosh, i, like totally love you, like, tons and tons! (HAHAHA....my best 80's girl impression)

Jun. 7th, 2006 06:59 am (UTC)
ohyeah! hancher concerts! wowza. psychadelic furs, rem with tractor, and i saw that one band that i wasn't too crazy about... who the heck was it?! with chuck from hardees- my highschool job! (hey, i had a chuck guy too once!). i can see the band. but what was the name of the band? OH YEAH! the tubes. remember them? chuck was in college and i sort of think he didn't want his college pals to know i was in hight school, so when he told them i was a senior, i think i said some smart ass thing like, "Yep! I high school. Chuck's a dirty old man!"

we fer shur were not supposed to go to college together!

and no, baby, YOU are the Bestest friend Evah!!!!!

love you ooddlies and oodlies! more than asparagus and poodlies!

Jun. 6th, 2006 05:59 am (UTC)
oh ya, i remember the susanna hoffs story! hahaha!
cracked me up, you little deeevil!

Jun. 6th, 2006 09:37 pm (UTC)
i look out for it in the show... if you do come up here there are quite a few weekly poker games to be had...
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