baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

2 brides and a dowry..

last night i spoke with my future bride about our wedding plans. a sweet, young indian girl, around 18 years old, maybe younger. as we discussed our future, i kept thinking how awkward i felt being so much taller than her (i'm only 5'4"). i looked at her, her mouth moved, but i couldn't hear what she was saying....and i thought to myself, 'this girl isn't very pretty, but i suppose she's cute, and i should tell her, because i'm sure many haven't done so before.'

then the alarm went off.

  • (no subject)

    cactus flower, 2010

  • FOUND opening

    i posted a bunch of photos from saturday's opening here....thanks to all those who came out!

  • exhibition at arena 1 gallery

    "pixelation no. 1" found objects on wood 4'x4' i'm pleased to announce i'll be showing new work in the upcoming show: "FOUND" at arena 1…

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