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post gradual finds

well, i'm certain i could spend days on end researching the web for long lost people in my life...the other night i tried to look up tim from ISU (what was his last name?), a graduate painter that did gorgeous portraiture. this, of course, led me on another hunt, this time for rick, the guy who had studio space next to mine...i can still hear the bzzzzz of his airbrush as he painted humongous still life canvases.... poor rick doesn't know i accidentally stole his genesis 'lambs lie down' cassette tape either. sorry rick, you won't find me under the name 'becky persons' anymore!!! then i thought about beth, a sweet friend. i should've never lost contact with her. my thoughts then turned to bruce smith, now retired....my painting instructor. i had a mad crush on him, even though his teeth were crooked and he smelled like smoke. he and i spent many hours alone as i painted atop work tables (instead of easels) while he doodled and did his crossword puzzles...and often updated me on his latest rare dylan, van morrison, and talking heads bootleg purchases.

artwork by betty miller

but, with all my searching i only came up with one person...betty miller, also retired. she was my drawing instructor at one point, but also shared an office right next to the painting studio, my second home. i could always go in and chat with her...she was a surrogate mother, of sorts. but, she also had such a wise outlook on life and the pursuit of making art.

here's a bit of advice from the woman herself, taken from a 1998 interview. the one thing i remember betty impressing on me, though (and probably worth the price of tuition) was this: (and i'm paraphrasing here)

'work everyday. no matter how small or grand the project....never put it down.'

and that's some knowledge i think anybody could use, no matter what their profession..


Jun. 30th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
and those, OF COURSE!!!!!!, are my most fondest of all memories...kimmy visiting!!!!! AHH!!! and YOU were JUST as important, if not a billion times more, than all those people combined!!! you better not THiNK of disappearing without a trace, like all those other lost souls..i'll hunt you down!!!
Jun. 30th, 2006 02:48 pm (UTC)
well, winning the big lottery and pulling a vanishing act is my favorite fantasy... but no worries! i'd let you in on my secret and i'd kidnap you from time to time for long visits!


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