baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

dear diary..

me, circa was all about the bANGS!

recently i was inspired by this show, which featured margaret sartor talking about her latest book, 'miss american pie: a diary of love, secrets, and growing up in the 1970s.' i decided to crack open my one and only childhood diary spanning from 1978-1981. the following is an excerpt from thursday, june 28th, 1979 (i was 12 years old):

dear diary,
my parents sure do bug me a lot!!!!!! i hate my glasses, but mom and dad think i'm trying not to ware them. i just forget. i can't wait to get my new glasses in july. emily came over today. i read her some of my diary, and i think she got sort of disappointed because i didn't mension her at the beginning of the book. but, i sure do mension her now. my spelling is really bad in this diary. i went to the swimming pool last tues., and i saw amy and leslie for the first time there. amy's swim suit is pretty bad. she must think it's sexxxxxxxxy. it's black, and i guess you could say she's not quite built for it. * now i know i'm growing. mom said my little buttons are showing...(ha) mom said i should have a bra, and i'll be able to get a new swim suit next summer. (i'll find a size that will fit me easier) º tomorrow i'm going to the dentist to get x-rays of all my teeth. it was fun getting teeth impressions, and the head x-ray. i liked it when dr. k took the clay out of my mouth. sometimes it hurt slightly, but it made a funny sucking sound when he took it out. i went to 'jaws' a week ago from mon. it was SCARYYY. i can't wait to look over this when i get old, to see what a bad speller i was!!!

* don't read out loud
º can read out loud now
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