baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith


'i think i must have A.D...what'd i just say?'
by baby smith

i should really think about unpacking that box
the one with videos of jozee and wylee as pups
it's been sitting in the dark, not moving one inch
collecting dust, growing cob webs for exactly 48 m..

i need to send a postcard to r..
wash out my mouth with a bar of fucking s..
learn to drive in this town, gain some confidence, just one ounce of h..

what i really should do is take out the t..
sweep up the dust b..
fold the l..
call my m..
make the b..
update my re..
floss my t..
make a journal e..
take a wa..
shave my l..
please ch..
color my h..
buy some gr..
lose some w..
pay that b..
email my best f..
read more b..
water the pl..
clear my de..
wax my tr..
vacuum the fl..
make papa pr..
scour the t..
and make an art thing that pleases me for more than just one fleeting m..

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