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baby smith
'heap no. 83' (fat of the land series)
mixed media and found objects on altered book cover

a friend asked me the other day what inspires my creativity, to which i replied..

'the things that inspire me are all the way a spattered tar mark on the pavement looks, or the sound of a tape measure as it's being wound up...little things like that are constantly going through my head all day long...even when i sleep...i've made artworks in my dreams. but, when i'm creating, it's as though i'm putting puzzles together. it may not be what others consider 'right' or 'beautiful' but it's in my head and as an artist i'm compelled to express it. and the art things i consider successful are the ones that teach me most about myself and the world around me, challenge my own perceptions, throw me off a bit. because nothing's more boring than predictable art...'

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    cactus flower, 2010

  • FOUND opening

    i posted a bunch of photos from saturday's opening here....thanks to all those who came out!

  • exhibition at arena 1 gallery

    "pixelation no. 1" found objects on wood 4'x4' i'm pleased to announce i'll be showing new work in the upcoming show: "FOUND" at arena 1…

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