baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

roll the ball...where it goes, nobody knows..

i love our little 8 ball.
when i'm feeling cocky,
mischievous, or just plain bored
i ask it stuff..

like tonight..

'will i be famous?'
shake, shake, spin, twiiiiiiiiirl, jerk

'very doubtful'

well, then....
'will i be successful?'

shake, twiiiiiiiiiirl, roll, spiiiiiiiiiiin, jerk

'ask again later'
(hmph....times 2)

finally.....after waiting 21 seconds..

'will i be successful?!?!?!?!??!'
rattle, rock, jerk, double roll plus a twist with lime


aaaaaah.......all is right with the world..
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