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but, it IS art.

it's not often i invite people into my studio...hell, even chuck isn't allowed when i'm in the thick of gluing!! ;D

but, yesterday was the exception.

you see...kimberly/soulhaus was in town. and she's always hinted (or should i say demanded?!!) that she'd like to make sooooomething out of something in my space. soooooo, last night she did. (shown below)

'kimby' (the dancin' girl), found object sculpture, 2006

as i was busy doing geeky internet things (making Lj posts and the like), she busied herself in my junk piles and overtook my workbench. she carefully inspected my found artifacts, (some dating back as far as my dublin dumpster diving days!) looking for inspiration...picking many things up, if only for a moment. she took pleasure in the tactile, awaiting for just the 'right' material to 'speak' to her. i felt a voyeur at times, awkward when silence filled the room while she toiled away as i scrambled to capture cam shots on my ibook.

kimberly, you see, doesn't think of herself as an artist.
but....she is.

she's a free thinker, a free spirit...a light.

and she told me, she doesn't think of herself as an artist, well, because....'maybe that just isn't the right word.'

and you know what?
she's right.


Nov. 7th, 2006 06:19 pm (UTC)
yes, yes...
kimberly's QUiTE the supplier of all things eye candy...hee heee.
taking in THAT much stimuli should be lethal, i tell you!! ;D

and between my 'new little friend' and the mexican *jumping* beans..weeeeell, i'm wondering whether i should start selling tickets?!!
Nov. 7th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness -- between this post and all the comments -- I'm experiencing a cuteness attack! ::smiles:: Yes, tickets would be good!

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