baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

eat my bullets!!!!!!

k. enough.
if.....i......get......ONE more junk email that reads:

'thank you for your loan request..'

i will hunt them down,
i will find out where they live,
and i will systematically maim and/or kill each and every last one of them until they cannot stroke even key.

and then...oh, yeeeeees.....i will kill all of their children...and THEiR children's children, on down the line...until there are.....noooooooo....more.


then........i'll wash my hands, take a breath...(maybe even grab a quick bite) theeeeeen....skip t'my lou and do a big ol' happy jig.

but, before all of this...
i might just take out a loan to buy firearms to complete said task..

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