baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith


do you K N O W how much i'm looking forward to mashed potatoes and guh-ravy tomorrow???!!!!!! i am seriously considering wearing sweat pants in B R O A D
D A Y L i G H T. (hellooooooo, i live in L. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!)

n'no....better yet. and thiiiiiiiiiis takes guts...(unless, of course, you live in hollywood) i am fully prepared to show up BUCK naked at chuck's folks house tomorrow (with a few shots in me, OF COURSE!)

oh yes.
why, you ask?

to allow the belly room enough to expand the way mother nature intended!!!!!!
be FREEEEEE li'l fleshy mound!! BE FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

me: "m' k, chuck.....'nuuuuff with the pictures already....can we go home yet?"

yeeeeeah, uuuh.......*you may wanna get on chuck's x-mas card mailing list, just so ya know... *sigh*
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