baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

more show & tell..

me and somavenus, with a severe case of the giggles

more scenes from last week's opening at chambers, including some salvaged camshots! (thanks to cary and rpeate)

lizole & chuckvideo, shootin' the breeze

edward and ? (luke's friend) all i could do was stroke her foofy coat when i met her...put a glass of wine in my belly and i'm SUCH a hound.

i met this man through paul fujita (the other exhibiting artist), and he actually wound up buying one of my pieces..yea for collectors! (and thanks paul, for introducing us!)


more arts

me, soma and liz...i like this one especially cuz everyone's looking in different directions

robert, saying 'hello' to his wife..
what is it about the cam that brings out the waves in people? ;D
(click the image to see a few more webcam shots on cary's blog)

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