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artists on artists..

lately, i've been thinking of spreading my wings a bit, going outside my comfort zone. i think all too many artists can relate to the temptation of holing up in the studio and taking safe haven inside themselves. risk taking outside the confines of your art can feel like standing on the edge of cliff (or worse, jumping off) but, i've been thinking about what i could do outside of my nest...and maybe even helping others while doing it.

the wheels are still turning, and i know i'm entering a room i've never had keys to before. and while it feels quite scary, it's also very liberating.

i'd like to start meeting more artists. finding out about their process, as well as their 'product.' i started artworkslive nearly 8 years ago, so i could invite people into MY world. i suppose there was some vanity involved...but, really, isn't vanity just another form of good marketing? i'm not ashamed of putting myself out there, because if i don't do it, who will? but, now i'd like to think about expanding the artworkslive model. i have a remote webcam now, i like to ask questions, and i love art. i could interview artists in their studios...their own habitat. i could go to art openings and document them as they happen. it could be very illuminating for many people, including myself.

speaking of other artists talking to and about other artists...eva lake, my idol in many ways, had some very insightful things to say about my work in her diary a few days ago (december 13th entry)

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