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in the projects..

being such a cheap-a-holic, i often find it painful to donate money, much less my only precious commodity...art. 'tis the season for many to come a knockin' on artist's doors asking for help. but, last night's affair at the park projects gallery seemed like a reasonably 'good cause,' as the two young artist/owners (julia alexander and lara bank) were gathering funds to spruce up their digs. this is a bare bones place, with four walls, crude lighting and nothing more than a simple wooden bench to house their guestbook. proceeds from last night will finance a dividing wall that will help define the space. so, i whipped up an ornament (made from found objects-of course) to donate and adorn their rather emaciated tree, bought 2 raffle tickets and hoped to hear our winning number called..

artwork by donna coppola

sadly, we went home empty handed...but, i feel good knowing we contributed to a worthy cause. i gotta hand it to these two women for taking such a huge risk in a town that gleefully gobbles people up and spits them out on a regular basis. it takes guts...

there's a rustic charm to all these surfaces, but a little refinement wouldn't hurt

artwork by jeff knowlton-my favorite of the show

detail from elizabeth shin's piece, a very bowie-esque photo

artwork by eric niebuhr

ambient sounds provided by chris colthart (from the band 'the faraway places') r: donna coppola, artist/and also member of aforementioned band

that's a moog synthesizer...chuck and i want one of THOSE for x-mas...HiNT!!!

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