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recreational research foundation

one of the reasons i madly love the internet, and Live Journal, is my constant exposure to new people...of all walks. i've 'virtually' met and collaborated with people across the globe, sold my artwork in places i've only dreamt of visiting, and formed real life relationships with people whom i would've never met had i not learned the simple task of logging on and entering a password.

i came to know stu harris (a.k.a. recrea33) a few short years ago, whilst producing my 'people purse on project.' this was a collaborative effort, and i didn't know if i'd get any response at all...but, a few stepped up to the plate for me, and i was eternally grateful.

i remember stu especially, because he resisted contributing...but, i hounded him, knowing full well he would supply exactly what i wanted. i was compiling voice recordings of journal entries that would then be placed within collaged purses. he eventually succumbed to my relentless pressure, and provided audio that was above and beyond my expectations.

you see, stu is a sound collagist, of sorts, and he and his partner venskunas formed a group called rrf (that's short for recreational research foundation), and their latest offering is now on sale here. see, the deal is, you invest in them by buying a 'part' or share in their future. in turn, you'll get a copy of their latest cd-'mash it up' and the more parts they receive, the closer they get to landing a recording deal.

see, don't ya just love the internet? you can make or break people with the click of a mouse.

and if you're STiLL not convinced, go here, to get more samples of rrf. if you're anything like me, they'll grow on you like a lovely virus..

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