baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
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anti-bacterial soaps

along with everyone else on the planet, i seem to have caught the very nasty bug that's been going around. not sure if it's a cold or the flu, buuuut, gauging by the way i felt today, i'd venture it's both. i spent a total of 15 minutes outside the confines of my blanket frosted bed today, save for the occasional bathroom visit and to feed the pooch and myself. when the clock struck 2:00pm, i decided to embrace my body's cry for repair...i made my 'office'...horizontal. i researched galleries i've been meaning to look up, replied to various emails and caught up on blogs and news.

but, getting well requires comfort,, i had the TV on, as well, which is something i rarely do anymore in the daytime, unless a breaking news story warrants it. i flipped between talk shows, news and soaps. i hadn't watched a soap opera for 20 years or more, but when i found myself recognizing one of the characters on 'the guiding light,' i HAD to stop. 'how could these actors STiLL be playing these roles?, i thought.. my mother (and even my brother) and i used to sit and watch them together. we would laugh mostly, because of the 'over the top' acting...but, it was also a time of bonding between us. we could talk about the weekly cliff hangers, obsess about what would happen next, and lose ourselves in a world full of glamorous people, seductive relationships and unadulterated behavior.

so, naturally, after reuniting with this blast from the past, i felt compelled to surf the net in search of 'guiding light' clips from the 80's. i found the clip below and it was like opening a family photo album in many ways...well, aside from the 'slut' part!


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