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how does tj norris hang?

tj norris had some nice things to say about my current show at chambers in his december 2nd entry (excerpt below):

'...Baby Smith (I love the background on her name) exudes plain grace. She takes collage to a filtered, minimal state...'

but, my favorite part was learning where he'd hung one of my pieces that he recently bought. where, you ask? his bedroom. i love knowing where my pieces go and hearing little tid bits like this, because it gives me peace knowing they're being experienced beyond the realm of my studio. sometimes i wish i could BE those pieces so i could see the people on the other side....how they live.....how often they stop to look at me as they pass through the environment....and whether i have companions or was left to hang all by my lonesome.

maybe i just like knowing these 'art things' have a cycle...a life. no matter where they end up.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)
i should talk..
i've put many an art thing in the loo. i actually think bathrooms are great spaces for art because of their intimacy..the only drawback being the humid environment.

one of my favorite pieces i have hanging in our bathroom is a somavenus collage of einstein hanging from a toilet!
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