baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

or, uh, gun.

best friends, 2006

i love my kimmy. this is the girl i've known since way back when. i sat behind her in sophomore high school biology class, somehow knowing we would live (or have lived) many lives together.

we've spent the last few days canvassing the city of portland for dance studios...places kimmy may or may not want to seek employment in the event she moves here.

in many ways i felt as young as we did 20 some years ago, navigating dingy concert halls and major coliseums, seeking chance encounters with the likes of famous rock stars like adam ant and paul mccartney. we were on the prowl, pacing buildings, making contacts, noting details, and many times stumbling upon clues that led to even more discoveries. the thrill of the hunt was in our blood, and this hunger gave us a common thread...a connection that will sustain us for a lifetime, i'm sure.

i think my kimmy will be living in portland very soon. and i think this city would be lucky to have her. but, i think i'll be the most fortunate of all, as we'll eventually share the very same coast and time zone..

but, between all this goal oriented behavior, kimmy made a point of seeking out purely recreational activities...we took in the beauty of indian beach the other day...kimmy even treated me to an improvised performance.

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