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list 5 things you haven't revealed in your journal, then ask five people to do the same:

1. i like being read to (anything really, but the more technical the better)
2. dr. phil is really the devil in disguise
3. my dad says i was once dyslexic..tub i t'nod eveileb taht, ton eno tib
4, i have a 'thing' for kevin spacey, bobby lee, and jenna elfman (in that order)
5. living on a cul-de-sac makes me nervous, but living anywhere makes me nervous

o.k. chuckvideo, indiecowboy, meegwetch, soulhaus, and carol_es....chop chop!

  • (no subject)

    cactus flower, 2010

  • FOUND opening

    i posted a bunch of photos from saturday's opening here....thanks to all those who came out!

  • exhibition at arena 1 gallery

    "pixelation no. 1" found objects on wood 4'x4' i'm pleased to announce i'll be showing new work in the upcoming show: "FOUND" at arena 1…

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