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lumber support

paid a visit to my local lumber store today...anawalt lumber. the last remaining remnants of the montrose railway system is still intact here. chuck's taken me past the barn that housed the streetcars many, many times...he's very proud of the history that resides here (he even maintains the historical society's site), and although i'm quick to judge the lack of character and old world charm in this town, i'm slowly taking note of things that do speak of another era.

it's funny, while i was in the store, i struck up quite a conversation with one of the workers. he asked how many douglas fir strips i might want, and proceeded to cut away the plastic binds that bundle them. these are not pristine pieces of wood, and it takes a patient soul to sift through them for straightness and lack of knots. but, i'm willing to do so, because they're cheap and it gives me almost a sense of calm to 'cultivate and reap the crop.'

so, this worker (didn't catch his name, but i'll be back) sat alongside me as i picked and scanned the lot. he was eating his lunch, probably a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as he sat atop the pile of pine strips next to me. he asked if i had a sister that used to work around here....her name was 'patience' and she was a bartender, but later found her calling as a budding fashion designer. i said, 'what a nice name, patience.' and he said he thought the exact same thing at the time.

then he carried my lumber to my truck and placed it inside, something the conglomerate lumber stores would NEVER do, unless asked. and yeah, the lumber was a better grade, too, which doesn't surprise me. but, it would surprise me if anawalt stayed in business for much longer..

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