baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

art thing.

baby smith
'shift no. 7' (pulp series)
found objects on board

so, this just might very well be a 'hell week' for me, of sorts. that's what we called it back in college.....the crunch time, back in the day. where all deadlines converged, finals happened, critiques consumed you, and you were put to the either measured up, or you failed. pure and simple.

i have multiple things going on right now.....a three person show in pasadena, an exhibition proposal to submit, a group show to provide both artwork and handmade books.....and, oh yah.....let's not forget, make more art.

s'all good, though. i rather like it. it keeps me on my toes, no matter if i make the cut or not...
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