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i love dick.

li'l dick.....who SAiD girls don't like it?!!

i just love this time of year. i'm officially changing my favorite season to spring from fall. i just can't get over the jasmine wafting in the air and the feeling of life renewing itself. yes, even california has seasons, although winter is nothing compared to where i grew up....rhythms are still felt here.

my biggest joy, having moved here 5 years ago, are the turtles i adopted. yeeees, adopted. chuck was leery to introduce me to them, as most girls might not take to dirty, slow, stinky things. but, i knew as soon as i saw 'em, they'd be my 'kids' too, cuz anything chuck loved....well, i'd love, too.

so, li'l dick (named after li'l richard, who ran away a few years back, the brat!) came out and ordered his meal today without skipping a beat....just as though he hadn't been hibernating the last 6 months. i love the fact that we'll probably have to will our turts to people, as they can live a solid 100+ years. they're strangely lovable, contrary to popular belief, so i suspect we'll have no problems passing them on. but, i haven't lived through the horrible 'teen years,' so, ya never know..


Mar. 31st, 2007 09:31 pm (UTC)
HELLOOOOO li'l dick!
I just wrote about my turtle The Mighty Thor! http://morty-baby.livejournal.com/45607.html
I miss all my turtles - they all ran away from home :(
Mar. 31st, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
Re: HELLOOOOO li'l dick!
i adore ALL your stories, m'love....and now i have an idear for next halloween, hee heeee...i might just up the ante and turn dear dick into a cockroach instead. if only i could pull off a flying hawaiian cockroach?!! i'll put chuck to the task, no doubt we'll be in jail come november 1st...

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