baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

walkin' the streets

we've been having such awesomely good weather here in so-cal the past few days. warm, sunny, hot-but not TOO hot.....last night chuck cracked the bedroom sliding door open and we all slept like babies - jozee the dog, especially.

i enjoyed my walk today, heading down the hill and along foothill blvd, soaking up vitamin D, breathing in the fresh scent of jasmine. i stopped at the post office and then von's for the best cold water fountain in town. along the way my headphones blasted npr, as usual. i passed a man who looked to be in his 80's, leaving his car and walking toward a car dealership. he mouthed some words i couldn't hear (hello! HEADphones people...i'm more audibly challenged than YOU) so, i lifted 'em off quickly, smiled and asked, 'what's that?'

he said, 'hello, special thing.'

ooooooh yeah, baby's still hip with the senior crowd....

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