baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

fuckles....can't i just get ahead?

just got over an eviiiiiiiiL UTI....the worst i've EVER had. now, as if THAT wasn't enough, i've been graced with a lovely yeast infection, no doubt due to the fact the antibiotics wiped out whatever GOOD bacteria i had left (all two of 'em). seriously though, i have enough yeast to feed 'all you can eat' deep dish pizza to every starving kid in china...PLUS, their parents - aaaaaaaand quite possibly their mangy dogs, who'll eventually be eaten anyway once THEY get good and fat (and yes, yeasty)

aaaaaah, the cycle of life...

while we're on the subject....can anyone recommend a worthy PRO-biotic that could counteract these KiLLER-biotics? cuz i'm fresh out of 'whoop ass.' i know places like WHOLE FOODS carry active culture yeast, but how the hell do you incorporate it into your diet.....sprinkle it on your sugar free ice cream?

thanks in advance......'scuse me, but i have some serious itchin' to do..
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