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dead head....oh, wait...WET head

something tells me the people at TODAY diiiiidn't quite anticipate the near choking of one of its childhood participants this morning during a segment featuring summer trend toys for kids. (believe me, if i had a youtube link, i'd share)

this poor girl had a new product firmly attached to her noggin, appropriately called 'wet head,' with little more than a beach towel draped across her upper body to catch some sort of liquid (blood, urine, water.....you make the call) the point being (or so i think) is to super soak kids wearing said gear on hot summer days. but, this was no humid NYC morn. i guarantee you hypothermia was the least of this girl's concerns, however. the hosts gathered 'round enlisting more kids to yank these rods out of her helmet to release the impending liquid......in the commotion the camera person shifted and i couldn't get a clear view of what happened next.......only the gasps of the hosts, who were looking at the 'semi wet girl' and asking repeatedly 'are you o.k. sweetie?!! are you o.k.?!!!!'

methinks the HELMET got yanked, as WELL as the knobby rods atop her head.

way ta' sell a product people!!!!! and is this NOT just a bowl of water being poured down someone's head, minus the choking devices?


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Jun. 8th, 2007 02:32 am (UTC)
i SOOOOO wish i were internet/youtube savvy, cuz i would've shared what i saw in a hot second.

so, you think this is russian roulettey, eh? i'm guessing the little guy on the box cover must be attempting suicide then, yah?.....well then, i know EXACTLY what to get MY nieces and nephews this year (and quite possibly my uncle bob and cousin joe!!!!!!)

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