baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

con artist alert

i've been under the radar for the past couple weeks. frankly, i wasn't sure how to process or reveal what's just happened to me (and chuck, for that matter).....

and although i'm ashamed beyond belief, i feel a duty to spread the word to all artists everywhere. this is not easy for me, because i'm not one to reveal every last detail of my life, even though my site is dedicated to uncovering my daily process as an artist. but, i finally decided to suck it up in hopes of educating others.

*sigh*......deep breath.

i was recently a victim of online check fraud. like, to the tune of 3 g's. this is a hard, HARD pill to swallow, and i feel like i've been manipulated and violated much like a rape victim. and as a result, my trust and faith in humankind has been seriously compromised. at this point though, it's not about the's about a fuckass who stripped me emotionally blind. a friend recently consoled me: he essentially said, 'money can be replaced with hard work, etc., but it's your faith in humanity that's been crippled, and therefore harder to restore.'

long story short.......someone claimed to be interested in buying a couple of my art pieces. they sent me a CERTiFiED CASHiER'S CHECK exceeding the amount i asked for, and then requested i wire back the difference.

red flags appeared, i lost a lot of sleep, and yet i STiLL got sucked in to this evil web of terror.

NEVER, EVER, wire money to anybody you're not familiar with (regardless of what your bank feeds a cashier's check is as 'good as cash,' etc. cuz, that's a load of fucking bullshit and they KNEW iT. but, sadly banks are only looking out for themselves) meanwhile, i've made reports to our local police, western union, and the national secret service to try and catch this assfuck, who posed as a married couple: jeff and hann davies.

so, artists, please................

do NOT be desperate for that sale.
BELiEVE in yourself, because no matter what society has fed you, you ARE worth it.

weirdly enough, these past few weeks were mixed with intoxicatingly good moments, for which i'll expound on soon.

bad news first, good news later.....
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