baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

comfort time zones

sometimes i thumb through magazines, books, etc. and just get stopped dead in my tracks by images like these....(artwork by uglow euan, as seen in the latest art review magazine) this is the sort of stuff that makes me WANT to paint.....BAD.

although i don't claim to be 'a painter,' i HAVE painted. i'm not a sculptor, but i've created free standing art objects.....and i'm no installation artist, but have constructed larger scale work that incorporated both video, light and sound elements. so, what to do, what to call myself....THAT'S the dilemma. 'mixed media/assemblage artist' always seems to fit the bill....cover all possible territories without bewildering my audience (or ME)

so, i was talking to jeff, director of CFA (the gallery now representing me) and he suggested i challenge myself by stepping outside of my comfort zone. COMPLETELY. to perform an exercise that would take me away from my usual medium and possibly teach me a thing or two about art AND myself - to take a material i'm not familiar with and play. juuuuuust play, and see where my mind and hands take it.

'good idea,' i thought......sorta like standing on the edge of a cliff and jumping....only hopefully with some sort of michelin man outfit accompanied with an industrial harness and strap system, NOT forgetting the all important billowy soft cushion below (preferably made using down feathers and white cotton, but not TOO white) to prevent me from scratching, bruising, maiming or even possibly killing myself.

that would be good.

and maybe one of those drink helmets they sell at sport events, modified for tequila, OF course...
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