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mad TV

so, the big montrose artwalk promo TV taping took place this morning in santa monica..chuck was saintly enough to chauffeur me for this hellish rush hour commute, as i was much too preoccupied with my deep breathing exercises and desperately trying not to assume the fetal position.

i couldn't help but laugh at how disorganized it all seemed, though. from the moment we walked in and greeted the receptionist, who didn't seem to recall any taping involving art in the schedule, to the 'make it up as you go' production team. honestly, i thought artists were flighty.

it boiled down to this:
12 artists in a small studio interviewed for approximately 3 minutes each by an overly enthusiastic, albeit enviably tanned woman named janet. how can you possibly distill your ambition, your passion, your LIFE, into 180 seconds? i chalked it up as one of those purely campy moments in life. it could lead to nothing. it could lead to everything, but one never knows unless they try..and plus i can impress mom..that's all that counts, right?
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