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day one.

day one of sobriety.
so far, so good.
i hope i can make it stick.

i knew this day would come eventually.
i'm scared to death.

but, the alternative is much, MUCH scarier.

i've always thought i could have one cocktail and be fine.
but, i can't.
i've always thought i could skip a day of drink.
but, i never did.
i could blame it on my family history.
but, i won't.

i'm trying to look at the positives....
just think of all the money we'll save.
i'll probably sleep better.
my liver won't explode.

so, i guess it's virgin drinks and o'douls for me now.
and maybe a little caffeine for good measure.


Aug. 24th, 2007 01:04 pm (UTC)
Good for you!

I can so relate. I fought my battles with the booze demons for years.

I have relapsed once or twice....BUT...in this moment in time I am sober and well content.

Just make sure your friends really respect that because when you're out and about with the artiste glitterati you could get pressured into drinking. If people know your commitment and they're true pals...they'll help you by ordering you Shirley Temple...which BTW, is my drink of choice when I'm out.

It may not be manly, but it sure is tasty.

Aug. 24th, 2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
aaaaaaw, what a sweet icon!!!

i just had a friend ask me today whether i might consider 'moderating' my drinking habits after this initial detox.....so, i hear ya. they have to readjust to this change, just like me. i'm commiting myself to zero alcohol though, but realize i might slip, and i won't beat myself up if that happens. cuz, i know i can always regroup. luckily, a lot of my friends are either non-drinkers or light drinkers, so i'm pretty confident i won't feel pressured by anyone but myself.

and i'm actually looking FORWARD to 'girly/virgin' drinks!!!! HAHAHA. they'll TASTE better.

and if i wanna good buzz, i can just drink a pot o'coffee!!!!

problem solved....

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