baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

tivo generation

random thought 2,456,716:

every once in awhile i find myself on a walk, enjoying the sights, breathing the fresh air, whilst listening to my little sony radio/TV/weather walk(wo)man player chuck gave me a few years back. it's smeared with gunk and grime from my many 'reach downs' and 'pick ups' of many a found object, like a worn sneaker that's taken on the looks of its owner. i often tune in to my favorite NPR/PRI stations, as i like nothing more than the droooooone of people's voices ringing in my ears.....especially the BBC newscasters!!!!!

but, now and then i catch myself zoning out and missing certain moments.......a key rebuttal, a recount of recent playlists, a late breaking news detail, etc. and i feel this innate desire to flick and click the 'rewind button' like some jacked up nintendto addict. and i swear, part of me expects to hear that all too familiar b-bup, b-bup, B-BUP sound of the TiVO remote.

note to self:
call SONY tomorrow...
and make a gah-frillion dollars.

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