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the art of blog

left-middle: baby smith art, right: john fraser art

unfortunately, i've been out of commission the past week or so, dealing with some very excruciating, elusive and annoying health issues. with all this 'down' time, i've pretty much been glued to the internets, mostly playing 'do it yourself doctor' and catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

eva lake is probably my all time fave. i actually feel guilty when i fall behind with her almost daily posts, because i'm always sure to glean something juicy from them.

case in point. she's been hyping 'the blogger show,' an exhibition featuring blogger artists from all over the country (what, no california artists???) which is opening tonight. interesting concept, pooling a group of artists who all express themselves through their art and cyberspace. i'm curious if anyone will be posting or webcamming to document tonight's event as it happens....taking that interactive element one. step. further.

if you're in to art blogs, this might be a good resource for you. i know i bookmarked a bunch of 'em.....like this one, where i found out about this artist (shown alongside my work above) uncanny resemblance, if i do say so. is there such a thing as twin artists? o.k. he's at least a 1st cousin, if not a half brother.


Nov. 4th, 2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
Re: i tried
wowie eva!!!! i so appreciate you hyping us down here-thank you for trying....i'm kinda shocked there aren't more established so. cal. artists blogging. if there are, i haven't heard of 'em. some art enthusiasts/critics, but not a lot of artists.

i almost thought you might be going to new york last minute when you wrote nancy that you'd be 'calling her.' funny, how we all keep tabs on each other!

congrats on the blogger show and your upcoming augen and CFA exhibits!

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