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scenes from an art opening, part 3

yet another great opening down in orange at crussell fine arts last weekend....we decided to get a hotel and save ourselves the trouble of driving all the way back saturday night. plus, it gave us more time to explore charming old towne orange and check out the nearby orange county museum of art. we even uncovered an eichler neighborhood, full of swanky post modern digs. i've lived here nearly 6 years and am still amazed how much i have yet to discover.

thanks to all those that came out to say hi...and thanks to chuck for playing mr. photog the night of the event.

the cube, by jeffrey crussell, projected video by stephen anderson

artist ginger mayerson brought me flowers!!! how cool is that???
and that's CFA director jeffrey crussell behind her

experimental music by kebe fox

artwork by eva lake

poked around the orange circle the next morning....supposedly, the antique capital of california

chuck, me and a very buttery alcove

after viewing the 'birth of the cool: california art, design and culture at midcentury' at OCMA, we stumbled across this other cool artwork in the parking lot! a vintage avanti, my very favorite piece of machinery EVER


Nov. 22nd, 2007 12:18 am (UTC)
you're not sarcastic? if not then yes, parts - no most, of oakland is scary. a few good neighbhorhoods but the rest pretty tough. i lived there while in undergrad on a temporary exchange at the california college of arts and crafts.

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