baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith


left to right: 'shift no. 20' in progress

odd, how the process of making art can throw you for a loop. many times i find myself struggling with compositions, frustrated that i can't find just the right puzzle piece to make it truly sing. other times i practically throw pieces together, as if they're divine gifts from my subconscious. but, more often than not my insecure side kicks in, spending countless hours second guessing, adding and subtracting, only to come back to my original design.

i've been toying with the above piece for about a week now. taking many digital photographs along the way to inspect when i'm out of the studio. i usually look at these images right after i wake up, when my mind is uncluttered and barely free of slumber. i've found morning to be the best time of day to contemplate just about everything in life, no matter how colossal or mundane.

today i turned the above piece on its side and finally had that eureka moment. the one all artists dream of, where that voice in the bottom of your gut confidently rises, clears its throat and declares, 'now THAT fits!' funny, how i spent all my time making the image on the right, only to find out i liked the image on the left better. next step is measuring/cutting a board/frame and assembling it all. and then who knows where this piece will go?

i'll just have to sleep on it.

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