baby smith (artworkslive) wrote,
baby smith

in the projects...

i paid my local lumber store a visit today (do it center). on my list....face mask and framing wood. the santa ana winds have kicked up lately and i'm slightly suffering, mostly in the nasal region.

so, i took my goods to the nearest check out counter. the cashier was so friendly. he asked me to put my credit card and driver's license under a blue light to confirm my criminal intent. 'greeeeeeeeat'....i thought, fighting crime, it's a good thing. i even asked about the process and what exactly he was scoping out. turns out all sorts of codes and cryptic stuff is translated in the simplest of transactions. he said, 'yeah, this stuff really works....that is, until the criminals figure it out, of course.' and i said, 'yeah, yeah, on to the next scam.....they gotta make a livin' too, yah?'

then he gave me my receipt and sent me on my way....making sure to say:

'good luck with your project.'

at least he didn't tell me to 'have fun with my CRAFTS'.....

then i woulda hadta gone bonnie and clyde on his ass.

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