January 30th, 2005

baby pony

'be careful of that guy..he's from coagula'

just watched the john waters film 'pecker.' the only thing i knew prior to watching was how 'pecker' got his nickname. rented solely for a cheap thrill, i knew full well waters never disappoints, providing loads of campy, abhorrent behavior for shock thirsty souls like myself. i didn't realize the movie actually revolves around an emerging artist who quickly becomes disenchanted with his new adoring art world. "even better," i thought. a satirical look at my very own profession.

and perhaps the biggest shock of all, was the reference to, none other than, art critic extraordinaire coagula..i had to re-play the b-bar scene 3 or 4 times to make sure it wasn't the niquil talking. yup. someone off camera definitely whispers,

"be careful of that guy over there..he's from 'coagula.' it's a magazine."

other notable quotes from this film.. (in my opinion, each equally hilarious, typifying waters' gospel of raunch')

1. "talk god damn it!" (grandma to a virgin mary doll)
2. "i need to see some gay I.D., or you're outta here!"
3. "i hate modern photography!"
4. "shelly! i love you more than kodak!"
5. "pubic hair causes crime."
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