February 2nd, 2005

baby pony

webby goodness

listened to a show focusing on L.A. area blogs/websites yesterday on NPR..

i could spend days digging through these!

l.a. observed

boing boing

we saw 'the aviator' last night. yummy film. felt strange being in an actual theatre again. sticky floors, stale popcorn and strangers. and i couldn't pause the damn thing when i took a pee break. netflix has spoiled us rotten..

great flic, though. gonna try to see 'million dollar baby, 'sideways,' and 'finding neverland' before chuck leaves for chicago..
baby pony

lost in translation?

click 'lumpsoul' the paper cut-out doll and let the fun begin. excerpt from their website:

"Lump soul (it becomes firm and is to deceive) (Best edition) (including tax 2,604 Yen) postage extra.
Unique music CD in the midst of sale. Subject song does not leave offending to the ears, don't you think? is.
You sing unintentionally."