February 24th, 2005

baby pony

stuff and junk

ten things i've done that i presume you haven't..

1. adopted at 8 months old, met my natural mother at age 27. (whoops, nshgrl 's done this..oh well.)
2. met adam ant in 1984 in the comfort inn, davenport, iowa.
3. stood 1 foot away from molten lava on the big island, hawaii.
4. met brian regan (my favorite comedian) at a comedy club in st. louis, missouri.
5. met my future husband for the first time while watching a screening of ron jeremy's 'porn star.'
6. published my own book last year.
7. visited the set of 'memoirs of a geisha,' 'sleepover,' and 'house of sand and fog,' thanks to my super cool fiance, chuckvideo.
8. broadcast my life via webcam on the internet for the past 6 years. (whoops again..chuck does the same! dang, i'm so unoriginal.)
9. walk around 50 miles a week, pick up stuff that other people consider junk, incorporate it into art assemblages and then sell them.
10. walked down brown st. hill with my brother,cheese sandwich lunches in hand, and fished on the iowa river, circa 1974. well, he was the one who fished, really, i just hung out and let the cheese melt juuuuuuuust right.
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