March 5th, 2005

baby pony

magical mystery art tour

chuck and i agreed you need at LEAST a full day to take in the venues offered in last night's pasadena art night. we barely scratched the surface, landing at the art center college, armory center, and the pasadena museum of california art, before the doors shut as we approached the pacific asia museum..

i could've gotten lost for the whole 4 hours gazing at the first artworks i laid my eyes on..jacob magraw-mickelson was by far the biggest treat of the evening, with his intricately constructed dreamy collage/assemblages. the paint almost seemed edible to me, like an elaborately iced confection. i'll be back to have another taste, as this exhibit will be up until mid april (pasadena art center college).

jacob magraw mickelson make sure to click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of this work..