March 8th, 2005

push it

here we go again..

geesh. why is it i can't settle on a final design for my front website page? could it be i'm the most egocentric person this side of the universe, or is this just my twisted way of 'doodling?' i know i'll find some fault with it in a couple weeks and start this whole game again. i think the vintage postcards i scored on ebay and acquired from my bud robin make for a cool backdrop, though..maybe i'll keep it for a few months.

click if you wanna

in my quest to perfect my site, i've fallen in love with fuzzy photos. not only do they hide certain imperfections (yes, i have them..and yes, i'm a leo..which explains a LOT) they add an air of mystery. perfection's a slippery slope for me..i want things to look effortless, almost half hazard. that, to me, is perfection. not the polished, not the pretty. achieving this look is hard, though. i guess that's what drives me to keep trying..
baby pony

face up to it

thanks to all those who put names to my faces..

just so ya know, i chose 'meryl,' for the last one. thanks nikkster! she looked juuuuust enough like meryl streep, but not obviously so. plus, i just like the name ;-)