March 19th, 2005

baby pony

trashin' the place

so, this rainy weather has kept me at my 'puter retooling these trashed photos. yes, yes, it's keeping me away from the studio and the real task at hand. i MUST prepare for this TV thing on monday..

yet another photo retrieved from the art center trash:



had somewhat of an otherworldly experience at the norton simon last night. after michael duncan presented a lecture on the california beat assemblage art movement, the audience was treated to a live theatre performance by artist george herms. as he banged on gongs, waved a giant mylar flag and arbitrarily recited poetry and crumpled up paper and threw it skyward, most were amused, some confused, others bored and a few embarrassed. i admit i felt all of these emotions at some point during the course of the evening. but, you have to respect the pure abandon he projected. this man was not afraid of making a fool of himself. he was completely comfortable in his own skin and fully confident that life and his art would just have a way of working things out.

my favorite quote of the night:
when speaking of his good friend artist robert rauschenberg (who recently suffered a stroke and is now wheel chair bound) george said,

"bob said he wants to do 3 things with the rest of his life..
make art every day, eat great food, because he loooooves to eat, and sleep...because he loves his dreams."