March 27th, 2005

baby pony


inspired by worded_snapshot
i came up with some of my favorite song titles. (we're not talking favorite song here..just the title)

1. 'a bushel and a peck'-perry como
2. 'a gal in calico'-manhattan transfer
3. 'a hubba hubba hubba'-perry como
4. 'anus of uranus'-KLAATU
5. 'a hatchet, a hammer, a bucket of nails'-perry como
6. 'quart in session'-NOFX
7. 'brain constipation'-NOFX
8. 'wagga wagga fat'-delly ranks
9. 'que sera sera'-doris day
10. 'quicksand jesus'-skid row
11. 'my first x-mas, as a woman'-the vandals
12. 'more money, more cash, more hoes'-jay zf
13. 'just tell her jim said hello'-elvis presley
14. 'gangstas need love'-master p
15. 'goodbye ohio'-too much joy
16. 'i and i'-bob dylan
17. 'i am a rock'-simon & garfunkel
18. 'i am so ordinary'-paula cole
19. 'i am the greatest'-kenny rogers
20. 'i am what i am'-gloria gaynor
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baby pony


'..the term brooklyn strike came from the old days of bowling in Manhattan. If a right handed bowler was up and it went to the far side of the head pin, the other bowlers said it was headed to Brooklyn. However, if the bowler was left-handed, and the ball went to the far side of the head pin, it was said to be a "Jersey" strike!'

detail from my latest piece ('zen of bowling' series)

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