March 29th, 2005

baby pony


i was riveted to 'fresh air' today. yes, i've got geek tendencies..
part of the show was on bird song, with samples, both real speed and slowed down.
beautiful stuff. chirp chirp.
wonder if beck or bjork might get a hold of some of these for his/her next album?
the best part was, i could take my earphones off and hear the birds singing on my walk. gave me a WHOLE new appreciation for naychuh.
i feel like such a multi tasker some days, listening to news, exercising AND picking up stuff to make into art later in the, if i could just figure out how to MAKE art while i'm walking, i'd have the rest of the day to lay poolside. or, maybe i should just start making art by the pool? decisions, decisions.

link care of nshgrl..
david byrne has streaming radio.
david byrney goodness..
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