April 30th, 2005

baby pony

i think i just had an art attack.

'nother montrose artwalk in d'can..
can you say happy hour?

met a lot of unique ones today. my favorite quote of the day: (a mother to her youngin) 'look with your eyes, not your hands.'

and, of course, it just wouldn't be an artwalk without at least one old lady belting out the phrase..'what IS this?' well, it ain't norman rockwell lady. so, just moooooove along to the next booth before my ears start bleeding..

and my most notable encounter of the day:
meeting ed with artinthevault.com. this dude was cool enough to snag one of my 'zen of bowling' pieces. (the guy's got taste, what can i say) and he's very interested in showcasing my art here in L.A.
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