July 13th, 2005


purse-onally..i could use your help

i know i've been a broken record lately, but i'm trying to get people involved in my latest series..the more people the better. i'll be submitting a proposal to an upcoming exhibition taking place in pasadena this fall and a few other venues that i think might be receptive. please consider entering, if you haven't already. entries postmarked no later than july 31st, 2005. and if you're having difficulty coming up with a recording device, i'm accepting wav.files and voicemail audio entries, just so ya know. i'll work with you..JUST ASK. you can reach me via email: look@artworkslive.com for any further inquires. thanks A BAJiLLiON to those who've already entered. i'm indebted.

me painting purses furiously in my studio 7.11.05 chuckvideo said the other day..'you know you could just buy white purses..'

purses in the works 7.13.05
baby pony

going postal..in a good way

whatever this means..it can't be good.
just a sampling of ephemera plucked from the streets of toronto from my newest partner in crimeinsufion who then sent it to meeeEEEEEEE! it's mine, mine, all mine!!!!! among my other favorites..a yellow post it with the word 'chicken' written in bold red marker and a strip of 'shalom! my name is' name tags. incredible, thank you SO MUCH for all these goodies PLUS your 'people purse on' entry. splendid. just perfect. i think i'm in shock. or having a heat stroke, i'm not sure..