July 15th, 2005

baby pony

i hear voices..

i just ordered a bunch of loop tapes for the people purse on project i think the most exciting part of this whole thing is hearing the voices behind the usernames..i can't wait to fill a whole room with the hum and cadence of different accents, pitches, and dialects. i wish the whole world would just give me a minute of their vocal cords. the sound would be deafening..and yet so comforting.
walk this way

don't gimme that look..

this would be the puppy dog look.
our little jozee pleading with me to turn the god damned AC on yesterday..

i'm actually, gulp, not minding the heat. it gets me up early enough to get my junk walking in so i can attend to other things.. like spending 4 more hours on Lj.
baby pony


stopped by the goodwill store on my junk walk..
i used to always think i liked thrift stores because i'm cheap.
now i know better.

did this person donate this skirt because they lost 50 pounds and no longer want 'fat' clothes? or did they gain 50 pounds and not want to be reminded of their thinner, more socially acceptable self. did another person leave behind a men's dress shirt because it was no longer in fashion, or because it was their husband's, who just passed away?

i realized i'm on the hunt for something much bigger than a bargain. i want history. i want to be connected. i want to feel these people's stories by smelling the essence of perfume left behind, beholding the markings from everyday life.

many people ask where the name baby smith comes from..
it was the name given to me by the state of nebraska before i was adopted. although i've met a large part of my biological family and am deeply indebted to my adoptive family for taking me in..............

i'm still searching.