July 18th, 2005

baby pony

friend or foe

i've only been blogging with Lj for around a half year..and i know the founders chose the word 'friend' to represent the people you regularly read in hopes of creating that connectedness and camaraderie that goes along with real life relationships. but, today i felt an extra twinge. having met my fiance inadvertently through the internet, i know that this vast virtual cavern of supposed 'friendships' can most definitely blossom into real emotional bonds. some of the people on my friends list have touched me in a way i never expected.

i'm a solitary person by nature..but, that doesn't mean i don't like people.

over the past few weeks i've felt such a rush of acceptance and support from people i've never physically met. i now realize this whole public blogging thing is like a dating service for FRiENDS!!!! only you don't have to meet for lunch and figure out what the fuck to say when you realize the chemistry is just NOT there..