August 28th, 2005


home SWEAT home

came back from portland to an oppressive los angeles heat. slowly decompressing from all the excitement and activity. aside from our piss poor internet connection (honestly, i could've handwritten you all messages, sent them in a bottle down the columbia river, and gotten them to you faster..) everything went flawlessly. we stayed at the jupiter, a trendy new post mod re-do that left us wondering whether we'd find passed out partiers when we opened our door each morning. if you like harleys roaring past your hotel room at 3 a.m., this is the place for you! the adjoining doug fir restaurant/lounge looked like a living, breathing urban outfitter's ad every night, starting around cocktail hour. all in all, a hip experience. i heard of an on going art sponsored event that seems to be gaining popularity that takes place on the premises. still think chuck & i might wanna check out hotel lucia for round two.

riding the max into portland..gotta love the trimet system!

highlights included fabulous meals at both the farm cafe and old town pizza. check out the girl's bathroom in old town pizza if you're there..go on boys, i dare ya!

it's covered from floor to ceiling with collaged magazine clippings!!!! if you sit on the toilet and look straight ahead, you'll see a simpson's cartoon with the handwritten phrase, 'love yourself,' courtesy of me ;D

view of chambers gallery

i'm still beaming from my whole encounter with eva lake, seeing hers and wid chamber's new space- chambers gallery, and laying my eyes on eunice parson's creations. this, by far, was worth the plane ticket alone. the experience left me spellbound and speechless..

other shows that left an imprint on me:
jesse durost's haunting installation (right next door to chambers)
and dan gilsdorf's exhibit at gallery 500.

a great old building blocks from our hotel. we poked around a bit and found out a lot of photography/artist studios rent there. found a great little pocket sized children's book right out front on the curb called, 'happiness is everywhere.'

and wouldn't you know it..
as chuck and i were waiting in the terminal to board the plane to go home, i retrieved a message from eunice parson's good friend and agent, who wanted to arrange a meeting between the two of us!!!!!! i'm still in shock. i'm THiS close to getting in the truck and driving right back. at least it wouldn't be 156º where i'm headed!!!