September 1st, 2005

is it art?

back in the saddle

felt good to get back in the studio today..
i mean REALLY in the studio.

not just putzing around, doing no brainer work...i mean REALLY working.

mixed media collage on altered postcard, 2005 (for amanda)

i've noticed that whenever i visit a museum, gallery, or an overly saturated artsy fartsy town (can you say portland?) i find myself craving studio time. like, either what i see is so totally inspiring that i feel like i have to race back to the studio and try to feed off that hunger...or...what i see adorning gallery walls is absolute shit, or at the very best mediocre... and i know deep down, that if i work hard enough and long enough..something, SOMEthing will come out of me that has meaning, quality..substance. something that speaks not just for myself, but for everyone..

but, all this seems a bit trivial..
seeing as how i have at least 4 walls, 3 squares and the only water surrounding me remains contained in the backyard pool..

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having a gay old time..

i'm a total fag hag.
i said it.

which leads me to LOGO, my new favorite channel of all time, courtesy of of our OH so het friends.

hmm. begs the question..
what do you call straight men that like to hang out with homosexuals???
fag bums?