October 17th, 2005

baby pony

weather or not..

contender cover art for my 2006 collage calendar

i do believe some honest to goddess weather has ushered its way into southern california...and at the precise moment i've started prepping the exterior of the house for a badly needed paint make-over. all the thunder cracking and rain pelting doesn't seem to bother 14 year old jozee the dog, though. she's sleeping away her monday in complete deafness...well, that is, until someone whispers the word 'treat.' she's no dummy.
baby pony

shoppin' shit..

forgive me...for i have sinned.
i severely altered this image so you may partake in the glory of our uncommonly so. cal. inclement weather today. might i suggest a glass of chianti, luther vandross and a log on the fire....ready....set....go. commence the romance.

oh yeah, you have my permission to insert a 'love is' quote on this lovely image for your own intents and purposes. copyright pending..