December 2nd, 2005


mmmm. rauschenberg.

one of my all time favorites by robert rauschenberg. a.k.a. my GOD. i kyped this image years ago, and neglected to get the title..does anyone know? it might be one of his combines...looks like that era.

i think i'll pop in my 'man at work' dvd that kimmy gave me umpteen billion years ago. (it's a 50 min. documentary covering robert rauschenberg's career) i'm weird that way. i let books sit years before cracking them open, cds collect dust before ever reaching my ears, and movies lay unwatched until JUUUUST the right mood washes over me. i think i cherish the anticipation more than the activity itself. it's almost like i'm afraid the magic will suddenly seep out of these objects and i won't be able to appreciate them quite the same way ever again. oooooooor, maybe it's because i have a hard time figuring out how to work the damn dvd player..